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Do I Come Here Often?

Throwback perusal through, ‘Do I Come Here Often?’, with the mordant, miserable and entirely loveable Henry Rollins. Rollins is an insightful man. His writing depicts an interesting and unusual paradox between intense masculinity and profound sensitivity. Emotionally eloquent throughout, the ‘Black Coffee Blues’, journal trilogy is well worth a read, especially if you’re tired of

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Salt Of The Earth

Need a detox? Needing to purge any evil from your life? Relaxing in a salt bath is one of the most soothing and kindest acts to afford yourself when feeling stressed, exhausted and run down. The protective and healing properties of pure essential oils and salt reach far beyond the physical realm. It will serve

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The Finger

Life has been exceptionally difficult of late. Two stints in hospital. Abnormal ECGs. Overworked and underpaid kidneys. A savage muscle biopsy. The subsequent infection. Morphine night terrors. And the ever predictable and unwavering mortality crisis doing jazz hands in the limelight… infinitum…..compulsory-mind-wank……yawn…. Whenever unwell and vulnerable, our ability to distinguish who might actually be whom

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