Electrolyte Roulette

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Stand. Move. Collapse

Drink potassium

Collapse. Correct the hypo

Sweat through the calcium

Piss out the potassium

Sleep off the magnesium

Fight for oxygen

Trick the renal distal tubular

Drink from a rock pool (St Mark’s Solution)

Correct the pH of the blood

Assuage the disgruntled and flickering heart

Collect 15mg of codeine and pass go

Today I read, ‘Devotion’, so I didn’t lose my fucking mind. Reading Patti Smith was pure indulgence, like a luxurious and beautifully presented breakfast in bed, but served alone at that hotel in The Shining.

St Marks Solution – makes one litre

6 teaspoons glucose powder

1 level 5ml teaspoon of table salt

1 heaped 2.5ml teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate

1 litre tap water


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