Fruit Boats

Oh no, there could be a tiny human trapped inside

Gay up all your fruit, it will do you some good 👍

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14 comments on “Fruit Boats”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the little guy trapped..he’s in a stateroom in the bow eating a mini fruit boat..
    Love the big fruit boat *toot toot!*

  2. It looks both beautiful and delicious! Yum, yum! I can even eat everything that is there! Leave it to me to be from the “Apple State” and be allergic to Apples and their sisters, the pears. I miss Jona Golds and Fuji apples the most.

  3. Noted. ‘How do you like them apples…..?’ In your case not all all. Fuck off apples! Melanie doesn’t like you. You’re all evil and nothing but wasp food 😂❤️👍

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