How Does Your Garden Grow?

Meanwhile, down on the farm…

……with hard work, commitment, love, patience and a shit-tonne of hypoglycaemic attacks, I have recently shaped my verdant, unruly gardens into someplace worth collapsing in.

These MFS inverted my T Waves

Throughout the shovelling, planting and nurturing, I have been reflecting on the neglect I feel at a core soul level. If I were to post a screenshot of my spirit, every one of you would look away. Serious illness changes you intrinsically and you will never be the same person again. I am absolutely fucking knackered by life. Disappointed, even. Medically advised rest has been suggested, but am I going sit by the window and watch the garden grow out of control? Fuck, no.

Beans. Do not flick them (joke)

Pruning while pensive lends itself to deep, dark introspection, and despite how Wednesday Addams that may sound, it can often precede a positive shift in perspective and subsequently – hopefully – your own reality and purpose. The struggle and physicality of hard labour has forced me to look at my own behaviour, my relationships, my dreams (remember those?). Who and what am I nurturing? Why? Whom and what nurtures me? How much time, money, and energy do I haphazardly invest in the human equivalent of Japanese Knotweed? Where do I derive meaning and wholeness and how can I focus again?

Yeah, yum and all that

I am yearning to take a scythe to my current emotional landscape and mow the whole fucking thing flat. Start again. Re-seed. Irrigate. A low maintenance life for me.

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19 comments on “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. Thank you 🙏.You’re so welcome here, bring a shovel! And a rake, etc 😂. Yes, four acres of gardens, paddocks, small woods and a little stream. I have a bad back ❤️🤗

  2. Thank you 🙏🤗. I’m sorry to hear how easily you are able to empathise though. That sucks, but hopefully out of our suffering we gain insight, that could result in a more meaningful existence🤞❤️

  3. The garden look incredible! Ali and are very envious – we can’t keep the grass alive over hear! Some great points on introspection – something I need to practice more

  4. Ha, it really isn’t much of a hoot is it? However, if true change and inner growth is the result then all the uncomfortable graft will be worth it (Or so I keep telling myself 🤣) ❤️🙏

  5. It’s entirely too organized! I’m kind of jealous. It’s beautiful! I’m not organized, I’m a “go with the flow” kind of gardener, I plant in drifts and islands. Many people might find it too chaotic to garden this way, but I believe not all chaos is bad. I try to be “chaotic good” and sometimes my method is rewarded by allowing a deeply buried native plant seedling to finally find the light and room it needed to grow.

  6. Thanks 🙏. Pretty sure it’s hotter over here than with you right now, if you can believe it! Introspection is excellent for realigning yourself with your goals, but more importantly, your true core values and making sure you are surrounded by people who also share those ❤️

  7. Thank you 🙏 . I love that your plants have to want to live 🤣❤️. Even with a gardener, it’s impossible to maintain everything perfectly here as nature always, always kicks our arse. You have to be in tune with the seasons and how the land wants to live. There is a wildflower stream and plenty of wild grasses that we just leave to it. Same with the woods, but closer to the house I try to give structure otherwise it robs us of light. It’s lovely to have the contrast. Nature demands respect and you have to compliment it, and in return, it can fill you with childlike wonder again ❤️👍

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