How To Hygge


Now that so many of us are sleep-drunk from another heatwave, and the storms are fast approaching, it feels like an ideal time to curl up indoors with, ‘How To Hygge’, by Signe Johansen.

I absolute love how the Nordic attitude to life is simplistic yet decadent, soulful yet matter of fact. Signe Johansen’s unapologetic and common sense approach to engaging with our joy, comfort and sensory experience in the present moment is the lost perspective I have been looking for. Thanks Signe!

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6 comments on “How To Hygge”

  1. You know how you notice a car one time and suddenly you start seeing more of it everywhere? This is me with the word ‘hygge’. And I’m glad to have come across this word, as its meaning is amazing.

  2. I’m with you on this one. It’s like our subconscious has pre-programmed our conscious mind to notice whatever it is that we want or need. We all need more hygge that’s for sure. Thanks for stopping by ❤️🙏

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