Pistachio Rose Lassi

Gay Drinks Rule 👍

Pistachio Rose Lassi – Serves 2

500g Natural Yoghurt

1 x chopped frozen banana

3 Teaspoons rose water

20g shelled pistachios

3 x cardamom spice drops

1 Tablespoon maple syrup

Large handful of ice

Blend everything really well and decorate with gay rose petals for self love and clarity if you’re feeling as indecisive as the weather.

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20 comments on “Pistachio Rose Lassi”

  1. I love pistachio and lassi! How funny to see this post today! This morning I had a pistachio tart bar at an LBGQT bakery that is currently getting harassed by online trolls who are dogging review platforms with 1-star reviews. As someone else had commented, “Hate seems to be a hobby for some people these days.” I wish those folks would get a life and stop trying to ruin everyone else’s!

  2. Sounds delicious and an interesting trip! They know so much about balancing glucose and electrolytes. I had a salt lassi favoured from the South when feeling unwell from the heat, and I swear it was like medicine 👍❤️

  3. Thank you! ❤️ A pistachio tart bar sounds delicious. I hope you didn’t catch any gay from consuming it 😂😂😂. The way I see it, if anyone is really riled enough about homosexuality to act on that anger/disgust/whatever, then they are probably denying the inherent gayness inside of them that is clearly eating them alive from refusing to acknowledge it. A more healthy approach is to be indifferent to anyone else’s baking skills or sex life other than your own, or lack of, and just get on with your own life and drama 🎭 🤣👍. May we all be happy ❤️

  4. I agree. If someone has a problem with someone else’s lifestyle then they need to look inward to figure out what that’s all about, not go hating on others seemingly being different.

  5. Haven’t had lassi since I was a kid! I was looking for a recipe to try soon on neighbors I’m just getting to know, devotees of Amma. We have a blogger in common. Love how these things happen.

  6. Excellent! Always lovely to connect with like minded souls. And happy to hear the lassi invoked some nostalgia ☺️ Hope your new neighbours are lovely and settle in well ❤️

  7. Love Is love and that drink sounds fabulous…I just need to get the pistachios in the capital as my small town does not stock them…but when I do…Garden Party!! with rose petals of course🌹🌹🌹❤️

  8. ‘Party on Wayne….!’ 🎉😂❤️. That sounds like a very decadent and thoroughly enjoyable event for you to look forward to. I’ll raise my lassi to yours 🥂. Hope you all love the recipe and have a fabulous time ❤️

  9. Thanks! You can never really tell these days – which makes life much more exciting 😂. There is definitely self love and clarity in abundance for all ❤️

  10. Perfect if they are the edible kind. Also, I find fresh rose petals are an absolutely joy sprinkled over a salt bubble bath 🛁 🌹. Hope you bliss out ❤️👍

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