Salt Of The Earth

Homemade Bath Salts

Need a detox? Needing to purge any evil from your life? Relaxing in a salt bath is one of the most soothing and kindest acts to afford yourself when feeling stressed, exhausted and run down. The protective and healing properties of pure essential oils and salt reach far beyond the physical realm. It will serve you well to languish in said perfumed finery, while mindfully cutting cords with any cunning little fuck wizards who have attempted to infiltrate your energy. ✨🛁✨

Be sure to drink plenty of water afterward and go straight to bed, peaceful, whole and pain free.

Homemade Bath Salt Recipe

1 kilo of magnesium flakes or Dead Sea salt

20 drops of pure lavender essential oil

30 drops of pure Plai essential oil

2 tablespoons of chopped edible dried lavender

Mix together in a large bowl by hand, then decant into jars as a groovy gift to yourself, or for those who truly love you 💕

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  1. I did not expect to read “while mindfully cutting cords with any cunning little fuck wizards” in a recipe for a salt bath, and I like it! Like, I shall enjoy bathing with vengeful relaxation, a most purposeful and satisfying detox!

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