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Pistachio Rose Lassi

Pistachio Rose Lassi – Serves 2 500g Natural Yoghurt 1 x chopped frozen banana 3 Teaspoons rose water 20g shelled pistachios 3 x cardamom spice drops 1 Tablespoon maple syrup Large handful of ice Blend everything really well and decorate with gay rose petals for self love and clarity if you’re feeling as indecisive as

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Breakfast For Dinner?

Soul Revival Smoothie Bowl – Serves 2-3 4-5 frozen chopped bananas 2 large handfuls of frozen blueberries/raspberries/strawberries A little coconut water to get the blender going Annihilate in a high powered blender with minimal liquid to sustain the consistency of, ‘nice cream’. Top with bee pollen, sunflower, chia seeds, fresh berries and gay flowers. Infuse

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Whole Hearted Salad In A Half Hearted World

There is something supremely healing about caring for yourself and putting the effort into your food or wellbeing. The base of this salad is constructed with fresh micro leaves, herbs and edible flowers. For protein and flavour, I added bacon, and Shropshire blue, as these were easy to hand, then combined with red onion, figs

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