Taking A Break…


Despite how utterly lovely, supremely talented, supportive, kind and uplifting most bloggers are, I will be taking a break to focus on my medical appointments and energy levels. For anyone who would like to stay in touch you can reach me on the contact email.

For new followers and those who do stick around, I look forward to reading all about what you have been up to on my return. Look after yourselves and each other ❤️

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29 comments on “Taking A Break…”

  1. Life happens, and sometimes we need to step away from blogging so we can take care of ourselves. You’ve made a great choice. Wishing you all the best!

  2. How strange. I know I commented here a day ago. At any rate, I thinking positive thoughts for your health and well-being! A break from blogging is understandable. Hopefully you can still swing by a few now and then. At your leisure of course! My email is no my about page. Take care!

  3. I had to take off for a long time and once I returned I found renewed pleasure in meeting everyone in the virtual world again. Take good care of yourself and perhaps I will “see” you again soon.

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