What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

Literature Is A Religion. Worship It Well.

Authentic, precise, tight writing in which timeless characters are as real as the people you know. Or rather, the people you think you know.

There are few writers that make me feel like I’m eavesdropping, but Carver is one of them. You know you really shouldn’t….but the subject matter is more absorbing than your probable guilt for listening in.

Raymond Carver’s writing is familiar and enticing like sinking into a favourite chair, but crafted in a clever way to make you uncomfortable, mainly by leaving you with your own imagination.

These have been a real tonic the past couple of late nights, otherwise consumed with nerve, sinew, bone, and muscle pain. When the codeine isn’t working, the relief and distraction from reading is immense. These stories become us, as we live through them, finding and forgetting ourselves.

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  1. What beautiful prose you have written with to describe this book. I am putting it on my hold list now! Thank you

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